Number 1 Source for IL Foreclosures


Our goal is to become the Number 1 Source for information about foreclosures in Illinois. In order to become Number 1 we must have information that is accurate, complete, and different.

Our information comes from multiple sources and multiple contributors. All contributors have specific knowledge about their own local markets and wish to share that knowledge with others.

Information is available to homeowners, sellers, buyers, and lenders.

With this information we hope to streamline the process of buying and selling pre-foreclosures and foreclosures.

We understand the goal to recovery of our real estate market in Illinois depends on making the process easier, more efficient, accurate, and quicker.

1. Active listings : We are not like other web sites searching the public records. All property on this site are listed for sale with Realtors and available for purchase as a pre-foreclosure “Short Sale” or” Real Estate Owned” bank foreclosure.

2. Solds : We believe we are the only site providing sales data on pre-foreclosure “Short Sales” and “Real Estate Owned” foreclosures in Illinois.

3. Statistics: All property posted on this site will eventually become a statistical measure of our success at solving the foreclosure problem in our state. We will be providing sales statistics data, market time statistics, for local markets in Illinois.

4. Blogs: We understand that people want information in many different formats and we therefore are using blogs as an important way to communicate with others. All blog articles are written by real estate professionals. We encourage contributors to write about their own local real estate market as it relates to pre-foreclosures and foreclosures. We want blog articles to be both informational and educational. There will be blog articles directed to specific target markets. To access an article go simply to a tab FOR BUYERS, FOR SELLERS, FOR LENDERS, FOR AGENTS.

5. Questions and Answers: Realtors can seek advise from other Realtors on specific transactions with the goal of finding solutions and common ground. The public can also seek to write a question about a particular problem they have and get advise from a local professional.

6. Chat with a Professional : A chat line will be available should someone prefer to talk with someone directly about a particular problem.

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