What Do You Do When A Fellow Realtors Name Appears on Foreclosure List?


What should you do when you see a fellow realtors name appear on a foreclosure list and you notice they have the property listed for sale with the proper disclosure of being owned by a realtor but not be marketed as a pre-foreclosure Short Sale?

As a realtor who specializes in Short Sales and Foreclosures I realize that not all realtors are alike nor do they possess the knowledge to be successful in marketing, negotiating, a short sale particularly when they are a principal in the tranaction.

So what do you do. Do you call the agent or not? That is a dilemma I am currently faced with and I am pondering over my decision to call or not call the person.

I know as a Realtor we are no different than other sellers who are faced with the decision to sell a home rather than go into foreclosure.

So how do you reach out to someone who is a professional like yourself and offer advise if nothing else. I feel kind of compelled to help but should I stick my nose where it should not go?

Something should be done and done with some tact but I find the more I work with sellers and buyers in this market there only a handful of people who you can really help. Some people refuse to listen, accept the help, or in denial.

Its almost as if you have to go through the stages of loss according to Kubler-Ross. First stage is anger and then acceptance. Those people who are willing to accept the loss of a home can be helped, while those who remain angry, can never be helped.

Anyway, I have gone off a little bit and want to get some opinions from people about what they would do in this situation?

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