As the saying goes its not over until the fat lady sings and I can say that now after waiting 13 long months for a short sale listing of mine to close.

While this might not be the longest time in record for a short sale to close it has become one of the best success stories of the year for me and everyone I have been involved with  over the past 13 months.

In order to get to closing we had to over come a lot of obsticles which included 4 liens and 2 personal bankruptcy for the sellers involved in this transaction.

We were able to get all liens satisfied and then had to go to bankruptcy court to get the final approval to close.

I want to thank everyone involved because without them this would not have ever closed. 

 First we had a buyer who really wanted to buy the home.

A Supportive Family who were willing to assist the buyers financially and emotionally throughout the process.

A Lender who was able to get creative with a local bank and get the buyers financing.

A Buyer agent who kept the buyers interest first and had the courage to trust this deal would close.

A Short Sale Negotiator and Real Estate Attorney who worked with the Seller to get all of the liens satisfied. I think I over heard the Real Estate Attorney say that  27  different HUD-1 were reveiwed before getting final approval from the lender. 

The final thanks goes out to the seller for trusting all involved that we could get this Short Sale approved and closed and prevent a Foreclosure on their record.

Thank you all ….

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