The Blame Game in Real Estate.. When will it End?

 I think it is about time to stop pointing the finger and blaming each other for the housing market crisis we are in at this present time.

 Pointing fingers does not find solutions. It only perpetuates the problem.

The Truth is we are All to Blame. Homeowners took on too much debt,  Investors leveraged too much money, and Lenders took on  

too  much Risk.   Now that we know the Truth how can we solve the problem?

                                                Here are some simple solutions:

  • Home owners should reduce the amount of debt they owe and live within their means. This means reducing the amount of credit cards we own and use, pay with cash when we have a chance.
  • Investors should Leverage less and make sure the investment has a positive cash  Flow
  • Banks should take on less Risk, get out of owning Real Estate and do what they do best and that is lend money.


If we all work together on this we would be a lot better off than we are now. Lets try to end the Blame Game and call it a tie and find some Real Solutions to the Housing Market.

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