The Concept of Luxury Real Estate


I am interested in the Concept of Luxury as it relates to Real Estate.  On one level it is kind of selfish of me to be drawn to the Luxury Real Estate Market because the higher the price of the home the more money I can make and the fewer sales I need to make in a year. So why not work with Buyers and Sellers who have a lot of money and live in luxury is one thought.

On the other side what do I know about Luxury and the people who desire to own and live in Luxury. Is Price the only variable used to describe Luxury? If price is not the only variable then what constitutes Luxury? I decided to look up the concept of the word Luxury and research it a little bit further.

I found the word Luxury is often associated with terms as “upscale” “quality” “class” “good taste”. While these are postive words “flashyness” and “bad taste” were negative words to describe Luxury. The  fact that there are both positive and negative words associated with the word Luxury shows how ambivalent we are to the concept of Luxury. While we can aspire to live in Luxury we also find ourselves feeling guilty about living a life of Luxury.

As you can see the concept Luxury is a complicateed one which needs to be examined further.

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