Top Financial Worries for Retirement




The Business Section of the Chicago Tribune had an article “Before Retiring; what’s to Worry?” I surprised that Housing did not make the top retirement financial worries? Top on the list was Medical Expenses being too high with 28%, next came My Savings will run out at 23%, My daily expenses will be more than I can afford at 18%, I’ll have too much debt at 11%, to Other at 20%. I was wondering if Housing is in the top of the Other category or does it not exist? My opinion is Housing should be right below Medical Expenses. I know we all worry about being healthy when we retire. We start to eat right, exercise more, watch our cholesteral, etc. because we don’t want to go to the doctor. But let’s talk about housing for a minute. If you own a house and your thinking about retirement then you must be thinking about moving and the cost involved in the move. You also must be thinking about how much equity you have in your home and add this to my other savings you then ask ” Will I out live my savings?” I am sorry to say the Chicago Tribune could have written a better article about retirement if they just included the cost and savings one has in their home LIKE  Book

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