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Always Look Behind the Curtain before your Buy

Have you ever taken out a client and looked at properties and from the initial look they appeared to be great investments but as you got to look what’s behind the curtain they don’t look so good?


The other day I was showing a client an investment property that had four seperate houses for sale. The homes are Sears Catalog homes. The rental income was good, the homes were in decent shape and my client was considering writing an offer.


I decided to dig around and find out more about the property and went over to the Village to check on zoning. The property turns out to be located in M-1 zoning area so residential homes are a non-conforming use.  So what appeared on the outside to be a good investment is now a risky one because if anything were to happen to the homes like a fire you would not be permitted to rebuild  another residential home.

The moral of this story is always check and do your due dilagence and look behind the curtains

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Thinking Outside the Box

Some people  in Real Estate work for Big Box Companies while others like to work in Little Boutique offices. In doesn’t matter which kind of office you work in but it does matter how you think.

Sometimes office policies are restrictive and want people to conform and in the end this restricts people from being creative.

Real Estate as a profession needs more creative thinkers who think outside the box.

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Some of the Benefits of Home Ownership

You get to BBQ outside on your Deck or Back Yark


Walk in your yard and look and smell the flowers


And of Course you can roll in the Grass.

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10 Reasons to Live in Chicago

1. State Street: Chicago is really an easy city to get around. State and Madison is where the city begins State Street runs North and South and Madison runs East and West. At State and Madison you are at 0 degrees north and south and 0 degrees east and west. State Stree is still a Great Street with Macy’s or what I still refer as the old Marshall Fields.

2. Science and Industry Museum:  Chicago has some of the best museums from the Science and Industry, Field Museum, The Shedd Aquarium, The Adler Planetarium, Dusable Museum, Oriental Institute just to name a few


3. Buckingham Fountain: The Buckingham Fountain was built in 1927 and is a center piece to Chicago and its wondrful parks. Buckingham Fountain makes you feel like you are in Paris.

4. The Art Institute: One of the premier Museum of Art in the world with one of the best Impressionist Art Collections.

5. Michigan Ave: Most beautiful street with the best shopping in the world. Picture shows one of two water towers that survived the Great Chicago Fire.


6. The Chicago River:  Take a tour down the Chicago River or come visit during St. Patricks day and watch the River turn green.


7. The Chicago Blues Festival: Attend one of the many festivals and enjoy Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Classical,  to Rock.


8. China town: Enjoy the food at China Town, Greek Town, Italian Neighborhood, Pilsen for Mexican.


9. Lincoln Park Zoo: Open all year long and free.


10. Frank Lloyd Wright: Enjoy the different archecture styles from Prairie Style, Queen Anne, Victorian to mid-century  modern.


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Which Road will you go down

In Business and in Life we all come across roads that will lead us in different directions. Which road will you take and what made you decide what was best for you?

Buying and selling real estate is a big transition in one’s life and can lead us down different paths.

If you have lived somewhere for a very long time then moving and change is not an easy decision.

If you are buying for the first time then moving can be also frightening.

Its important to recognize these feelings and discuss them with our clients whether they are selling or buying.

What you do or say can make it easier or harder for your clients to make the best decision.

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I found a Way to Let My Sellers Know How Hard I Work for Them

I think when I need to order new signs I might get a few of these to let my sellers know how hard I work for them!

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Pins and Needles in a Real Estate Transaction


Pins                                             and                                                    Needles

Every Real Estate Transaction has it’s moments during the transaction where offers go back and forth between buyer and seller and things can get tense waiting for responses.


How do you handle these moments is important because you must remain calm:


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