Always Look Behind the Curtain before your Buy

Have you ever taken out a client and looked at properties and from the initial look they appeared to be great investments but as you got to look what’s behind the curtain they don’t look so good?


The other day I was showing a client an investment property that had four seperate houses for sale. The homes are Sears Catalog homes. The rental income was good, the homes were in decent shape and my client was considering writing an offer.


I decided to dig around and find out more about the property and went over to the Village to check on zoning. The property turns out to be located in M-1 zoning area so residential homes are a non-conforming use.  So what appeared on the outside to be a good investment is now a risky one because if anything were to happen to the homes like a fire you would not be permitted to rebuild  another residential home.

The moral of this story is always check and do your due dilagence and look behind the curtains

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