Is it Time to Talk to Mom and Dad?


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I know many people are confronted with a decision on what to do with their aging parents. Its not an easy decision to talk to a parent about their own safty and care as they age. I know from personal experience that my mom whose age I will not disclose should not be driving a car but she insists on still driving herself and being independent.

But what happens to most parents and children is their will be a day when a discussion about Taking Care of them and making sure they are compfortable with this decision.

Part of the discussion will be what to do about their current living condition. Do they stay at home? Do they get live in help? Do they move in with their children? Do they need assisted living or nursing care?

Are the forgetful or have you noticed any early onset of dementia, altzheimers? How about physical decline and safety issues like does the house they are living in have to many steps.

Moving a parent may be the best thing but it takes planning.

If you have aging parent and want to discuss what to do with their home.



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