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What Do You Look For When Searching For An Agent?

When you need to find someone to help you sell a home what are the qualities that are most important to you?

  • You want some who has experience with both selling and buying
  • You want someone who has knowledge about the real estate market
  • You want someone who will give you the best exposure

I could go on but these three seem to be the most common skills wanted by anyone who is looking for an agent. Yet every agent will tell you they are the most experienced, have the best knowledge and have the best technology to give your home the best exposure.

So the next question to ask is How can I tell the difference between them and are there any other qualities that are important to me? I would say the following qualities come up a close second.

  • You want someone who you like
  • You want someone who communicates well
  • You want someone who is flexible

I think the second tier of qualities follows some ones gut instincts and most people trust their gut when selecting an agent.



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A New Way to Pay Forward in 2016

I would like to share something about myself. I have been a supporting small businesses by giving money to Kiva Loans.  For those of you who do not know Kiva, they are a micro lenders that change lives. They lend small business loans . Businesses pay back the loans through sales of products they sell. Once the loan is paid off they can borrow more money and you can lend the money to others. This year I wanted to support local business seeking Kiva loans and found three companies to support.   GoldStar Greeting Cards: Provide unique affordable greeting cards and other paper products.   Mindful Indulgences: Is a confectioner that makes healthy veegan chocolate trufffles.   The C.A.N Art Studio: Is a community based art studio where you can take classes, rent studio space, or have parties.

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Five Reasons to Buy in the Midwest

Buying A Home in the winter months offers some advantages if you live in the Midwest.

  1. Insulation: Buying a house in the winter will show you how well insulated the house is and you can see if there are potential gutter, or ice dam issues.

2.    Fewer Buyers: With fewer buyers looking during the    winter you have less competition.

3.     Motivated Sellers: It seems those who list their homes in the winter are a little more motivated to sell.

4.     Interest Deductions:  One of the best advantages to  home ownership is the ability to deduct interest payments on your taxes.

5.      Change of Seasons: Buying in the winter allows you the opportunity to experience your new home as the seasons change.

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Five Reasons to Sell Your Home in Winter

Agents will tell you the Spring Market begins the day after the Super Bowl.

But why wait until then to list your home for sale?

Five Reasons to Sell a Home in Winter

  1. Buyers are more serious:  It seems buyers who look for homes in the winter are more serious.

2.   More Internet Exposure: More buyers are looking for homes on the internet and when its cold outside they search online and will see your home for sale more frequently because of the low inventory.

3. Relocation: January is the biggest month for relocation. As more people find new jobs they need to find a new home.

4. Quick Close: With fewer homes for sale the time it takes to process the loan is shorter which means you get your money sooner.

5. Empty Homes Show Better: If you go away for the winter the house will be empty and easy to show. Buyers like to see homes on their schedule and you are likely to get an offer when you are away.

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Millennials VS Boomers


millenials vs boomers

Boomers VS Milleniaials for Housing

Who is going to dominate the Housing Market? Will it be the

Baby Boomers or Millennials?

There are 77 Million Baby Boomers and 82 Million Millennials.

We have heard that many Millienials are consumed with too much student debt and more likely to rent vs buying in urban centers where they  can live close to where they work and public transportation.

In contrast there are 10,000 Baby Booomers retiring each day and most likely be downsizing and moving to urban centers or warmer climates or living in both location.

According to University's Joint Center of Housing those 55 and older account for 42% of the growth of urban renters. This posses a problem and challenge for the housing market. First who are those people buying the homes of these empty nester baby boomers? Second will there be enough rental units to support the demand of both Boomers and Millenials.

On the flipside I see many opportunities for future housing. Millenials who are saddled with too much debt need  more affordable housing.  There is a need for more Small spaces or apartment cooperatives to  serve the Millenials. Baby Boomers on the otherhand have disposable income and savings are willing to pay more for luxury rentals that have amenities.


   Wanted:Baby Boomer, Millenial, or Real Estate Inestors

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