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A New Way to Pay Forward in 2016

I would like to share something about myself. I have been a supporting small businesses by giving money to Kiva Loans.  For those of you who do not know Kiva, they are a micro lenders that change lives. They lend small business loans . Businesses pay back the loans through sales of products they sell. Once the loan is paid off they can borrow more money and you can lend the money to others. This year I wanted to support local business seeking Kiva loans and found three companies to support.   GoldStar Greeting Cards: Provide unique affordable greeting cards and other paper products.   Mindful Indulgences: Is a confectioner that makes healthy veegan chocolate trufffles.   The C.A.N Art Studio: Is a community based art studio where you can take classes, rent studio space, or have parties.

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News About IL Real Estate Specialists

As the Broker Owner of IL Real Estate Specialists I am pleased to announce the recent affiliation of the National Mortgage Forgiveness Plan Organization to help homeowners in distress in Evanston and Skokie. IL Real Estate Specialist has dedicated itself to help as many homeowners who are experiencing all sorts of distress and hardships and have nowhere to turn for advise. National Mortgage Forgiveness Plan and IL Real Estate Specialists as a Real Estate Professional Affiliate are here to help homeowners and listen to their unique problems and come up with solutions.

In the month of June  a concerted effort will be made to reach out to homeowners and offer them assistance and Real Solutions to their problems. To learn more about National Mortgage Forgiveness Plan or a way to get in contact with Il Real Estate Specialists today just click on the link provided:

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imagesCAF6DVZXDo you know what it feels like waiting for the Short Sale to be Approved by the Bank?

Well I do because I just completed my own Short Sale and am happy to share those thoughts.

It feels like all the weight I have been carrying has finally been lifted.

The constant burden one feels waiting, anticipating, felling helpless during the Short Sale process has been totally lifted off my shoulders. I can stand straight and tall now that the Short Sale has closed. imagesCAFWEMSP

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As the saying goes its not over until the fat lady sings and I can say that now after waiting 13 long months for a short sale listing of mine to close.

While this might not be the longest time in record for a short sale to close it has become one of the best success stories of the year for me and everyone I have been involved with  over the past 13 months.

In order to get to closing we had to over come a lot of obsticles which included 4 liens and 2 personal bankruptcy for the sellers involved in this transaction.

We were able to get all liens satisfied and then had to go to bankruptcy court to get the final approval to close.

I want to thank everyone involved because without them this would not have ever closed. 

 First we had a buyer who really wanted to buy the home.

A Supportive Family who were willing to assist the buyers financially and emotionally throughout the process.

A Lender who was able to get creative with a local bank and get the buyers financing.

A Buyer agent who kept the buyers interest first and had the courage to trust this deal would close.

A Short Sale Negotiator and Real Estate Attorney who worked with the Seller to get all of the liens satisfied. I think I over heard the Real Estate Attorney say that  27  different HUD-1 were reveiwed before getting final approval from the lender. 

The final thanks goes out to the seller for trusting all involved that we could get this Short Sale approved and closed and prevent a Foreclosure on their record.

Thank you all ….

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The Long and Short of It… A Short Sale Success Story..

In a previous article “Why do they call it a Short Sale when it takes so Long” I tried to explain the average time it takes for a Short Sale to close is between 4-6 months.

I think I have broken the record for the longest short sale ( 499 days) from listing date to close date.

When representing sellers in Short Sales you have to be prepaired for anything. In this particular sale we were up against all odds but got it done.

By we,  I am including my Negotiator Rob Jacobs, of Short Sale Pathways and my attorney Mari-Kay Zarraza. Without them I would not have closed this Short Sale. 

Thank you Rob and Mari-Kay.

This Short Sale had multiple liens and each had to be negotiated seperately. The more liens a property has the more difficult and time consuming the Short Sale can be but it can get done.

We were threatened on numerous occassions that the Short Sale was going to be denied and we were able to postpone the foreclosure date every time.

Short Sales should never take this long and hopefully with HAFA they will be streamlined. To read more about HAFA go to  the heading  “Short Sales”

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Life after a Short Sale…

As realtors we often talk to past clients to see how things are going and I wanted to do the same with some of my Short Sale Clients.

Following is an email I recently received from one such client..

Hi Jack,

Things are actually going pretty well for me.  “The Short Sale was the best thing that happened ” :).

I am living in my own apartment with my dog in the city. I had a hard time buying a new car because of my credit not my income but my family was able to give me a loan and I am paying them back.

I don’t have any major debts, outside of a student loan and Ihave a comfortable life within my means. Overall, things are as they should be.

I will definitely pass your name if given the opportunity.

Good luck with the blog and I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving…

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Hero Gets New Home

American Heroes II In this tough market you have to find  a way to get the job done. Such is the case for a recent    transaction I just completed for a first time home buyer in the Navy.

With limited money and VA loan we started to look at bank owned foreclosures. After visiting several homes, my buyer found a home he liked and so we wrote up an offer. The initial offer was low and included a $2,500 seller credit for repairs and another $4,000 in closing costs to be paid by the seller. To our surprise the Seller accepted our offer.

During our  inspection of the property, we found the bathroom in the basement was not up to Village Code, and had to be removed before the City would give us occupancy.  We used the seller credits in make the necessary repairs.

After the repairs were completed we had the home re-inspected by the Village and were issued a Certificate of Occupancy.

Just as we were ready to schedule a closing, we were informed by the seller attorney that a closing could not take place without written approval from the lender. After several days we still had not heard from the lender and began to worry.

It wasn’t until further investigation that we found out the reason for the delay. Citi-Residential sold all of its assets, including our loan to AHMSI.  The lender was not responding to our inquires because all of the files were not transferred over to AHMSI. They did not think the transfer would happen in time for our closing date.

This became a problem for my buyer because he was in Navy housing and either had to close or sign another year lease.  Under the circumstances it is quite natural to feel frustrated, angry, and I found it useful to direct those feelings to some action.

I got all of the names and email addresses of everyone involved in this transaction, and emailed the “Demand to Close ” letter prepared by the buyers attorney.

In my email I asked people for help. I explained I was working with a career officer in the Navy and to my surprise I received an email back from one of my contacts  saying ” I will do anything to help a  Hero

I said “Wow , I think I found the guy who can help us”.  So I emailed him back and said  ” Your right he is a Hero and any help you can give will be appreciated.”

To make a long story short  ” Our Hero ” got a New Home.

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